Our Partners

MWT Foods is an Australian-based, global food supplier with a pioneering family heritage in the food industry since 1965. Today, brothers Michael, Andrew and Chris Waring lead a team of industry experts committed to delivering premium solutions to a worldwide network of food buyers, suppliers and growers. They specialize in the procurement, processing and bulk sales of edible nuts and seeds, dried fruit and coconut products, including a number of foods with organic certification.

Laurel Foods is a growing, value-added, food processing company located in the foothills of the Chehalem Mountains of Oregon. A partnership between two family businesses (Denfelds & Warings), Laurel Foods has its roots in the Oregon hazelnut growing region of the lush North Willamette Valley. The 28,000 sq ft facility is located in the farming community of Laurel Oregon, just south of Hillsboro, on one of the Denfeld family farms. The Denfeld family has been farming in Oregon for six generations and has helped Laurel Foods to be a vertically integrated organization, bringing the nuts from the orchard, directly to the market.

K&D Systems takes generations of drying experience, coupled with modern drafting, engineering, fabrication, and production capabilities to offer a number of full-plant solutions. These products are proven within their own facility, K&D Receiving, located in Albany, Oregon. With their own real-life, full scale, and operational plant, they are able to provide customers with systems that are guaranteed to work, the first time. Equally important to the machinery, K&D is also able to provide start-up assistance and guidance to their customers.