Grower Representatives

Knowing that the success of our collective effort is dependent on all of us, we have created a Grower Representative program where our Growers are teamed up with a Denfeld Nut professional that is going to address all our Grower’s needs. We want to make sure whether its questions about fields, harvest, pricing, or the industry our Growers have personalized support leading them to optimize their harvest and ultimately their payments.

Harvest Logistics

As fall emerges and the Willammette Valley enters it cold, wet season its time for harvest. We know that when harvest arrives it means go, go, go. We make sure our growers have totes, dropboxes or trailers staged in advance of starting up the harvester. Coordination of the delivery of your crop to one of our pre-approved receiving stations allows for us to process your product in it’s best state. We arrange free hauling with our trucking partners or pay an allowance for self-hauling.

Receiving Stations

After an early and quality harvest, we want to make sure that your crop is washed and processed by the finest, most advanced wash lines in the valley. We have partnered with several different receiving stations throughout the valley, which are our only pre-approved receiving stations, to shorten the distance from field to wash line. These strategic partnerships, with the finest leaders in the Hazelnut industry, have allowed us to be present and available for your drop throughout the valley.

Grower Buy Back

As a thank you to our grower partners, we offer Laurel Foods products to our Growers for at-cost pricing year-round. These special “friends & family” rates are available solely for personal use. To establish your account please contact your Grower Representative. For business wholesale orders please contact Laurel Foods directly at [email protected].

Grower Portal

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Denfeld Packing Inc

  • 15040 SW Holly Hill Road
  • Hillsboro, OR 97123
  • Office
  • (503) 628-1256

Kropf Family Farms

  • 24305 Powerline Road
  • Harrisburg, OR 97446
  • Leroy Kropf
  • (541) 995-8362

K&D Receiving

  • 38000 Shady Bend Road NE
  • Albany, OR 97322
  • Sean Denfeld
  • (503) 329-1265

Ruef Receiving Station

  • 11658 Baron Rd.
  • Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362