The Corvallis Clinic

Funk/Levis has enjoyed a highly successful and collaborative relationship with Lane Community College for more than three decades. As the schoo1‚s agency of record, we have had an influence on nearly all of the college’s touch points in the community and have worked hard to establish, enhance and amplify the Read More


The world is a crowded, noisy place, with thousands of brands clamoring for our limited time and attention. One way your organization can stand out from the crowd is by hosting or participating in an event. These experiences can humanize your brand and engage your audience. Our team can support Read More


In the world of retail sales, the quality of your packaging can be an important differentiator. Well-designed packaging stands out, informs and helps your product get noticed. Our design experts have been creating striking, effective packaging materials for decades. Strong packaging design invites your customer in and engages them with Read More